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Our Beliefs Are Simple: Love and Truth

My father died a few years ago and I searched at length for an urn that I thought was beautiful, memorialized his life and reflected his values. After looking for some time, I was struck by the absence of an open and honest company making cremation urns that were both beautifully and ethically crafted. Soon after, my good friend Dustin's step father passed away and he had a very similar experience.  

So together, we set out to change that, founding Vessl for people seeking the same thing we were. 

The death of a friend or loved one is something that everyone faces and no one is ever quite prepared for. We want to help first by making unique and thoughtful urns, and then by going out of our way to make sure that we help you find and personalize your urn and memorial experience.

Our company was built from the outset to do things differently. Things like selecting only sustainably sourced wood, porcelain, and stoneware materials, and purchasing renewable energy certificates for 100% of our power. We’re also founded as a B corp, (currently under the programs strict, year-long review for start-ups) ensuring we are an environmentally and socially responsible company that exists to do good in the world, not just to turn a profit. We donate to environmental organizations through the 1% For the Planet organization. But 1% isn’t enough, and we donate additional profits to charities that we work with our customers to select, groups like the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Children’s Hospital Association, Hospice Foundation of America, Natural Resources Defense Council, Surfrider Foundation and

Our urns are all made either by us directly or by artists and craftspeople that we collaborate with. We use a combination of artisan techniques and modern fabrication methods, such as CNC machining wood and 3D printing ceramic, to help make our designs unique while keeping costs reasonable. We then hand finish, inspect and lovingly package each and every urn that leaves our workshop.

Ultimately we want to be part of elevating our shared experiences with death. While we know our urns are just one small part of that, we also know that as a company and as individuals, we can choose to approach death — one of the most fundamentally human experiences — in an honest, open, and caring way.