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The Complete Urn Sizing Guide

Our urns all fall into one of our four sizing categories, Extra Small (XS), Small (S), Medium (M), and Large (L) or Full Size. We use just those four sizes to help keep our prices lower and to help make understanding sizing options and urn selection simpler.

Large or Full Size

The remains, or ashes, of a cremated adult are generally between about 180 and 220 cubic inches. Contrary to some information you will find online, the amount of ashes remaining is based on bone size and density, not on the total weight of the person. So, smaller framed people will be on the smaller end and so on. Our Large size will fit a minimum of 230 cubic inches.


Our medium size is approximately half size, or 100 cubic inches. This size will fit the cremated remains of a child or if two or three people are going to share and distribute the ashes, this could be the right size.


Our small size urn is 15 cubic inches. This is sized for sharing the ashes between multiple family members, or when scattering some ashes and keeping a small amount.

Extra Small

The tiny size is keepsake or jewelry box sized, about four to five cubic inches in volume. Primarily for keeping a small amount and scattering most

A Note on Urn Sizing for Pets

Our Medium size urn will work for a large to medium sized dog. The small size will fit cats, or very small dogs. If you need something in between those sizes, please contact us for a custom size.

Estimating Volume of Ashes

Estimating the amount of ashes you have is usually fairly simple. With a small ruler or measuring tape, measure the length, width and height in inches of the inside of the container they are currently in. If they are in a bag, set it on a flat surface and measure the outside dimensions, estimating  the corners as if it were in a rectangular form.  Multiply these three measurements, in inches, together to get the volume in cubic inches.

If you have any questions about our sizing standards or how to estimate the volume of ashes that you need an urn for, please get in touch and we’ll help.